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About Fleas Life Cycle and Best Flea Treatment

Fleas | Flea treatments for pets and home

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Flea Treatment For Your Pets and Your Environment.

Flea Life Cycle and What treatment Should be Used.

Spring and Summer, is the time fleas and ticks usually do the most damage; therefore you should be vigilant and using your knowledge of the common flea life cycle and the appropriate flea treatment that are available to you  for each different stage of the flea life cycle so that you could help prevent your pets from a possible flea infestation. Flea Treatment Products  Of course, acquiring the knowledge of the flea life cycle is something all pet owners should do as it would not only help them treat any form of infection contracted by their pet, but it also helps them get to the cause of the problem and possibly guard against it happening again.

The flea life cycle.


In favorable conditions, the flea life cycle usually happens over a 2-week period. If such factors like environment, humidity, temperature, and availability of food are not good then the flea life cycle can take longer to complete.

As stated above, the flea life cycle develops best during the warmer summer months, so during hot weather you should be extra cautious of them.

What makes them itch

Fleas are parasitic and feed off the blood of the birds and mammals they infests. When they bite they leave some of their saliva under the skin, some of our pet dogs and cats are allergic to the flea’s saliva which later on can cause a rash or loss of fur. While they will thrive during warmer temperatures, they are quite capable of reproducing all year-round, which means that we have to always check our environment and pets against any infestation.

Carriers of disease

Fleas not only cause itching or allergies to your pets, fleas may also be carriers of certain diseases such as tapeworm. Tapeworm is transmitted to an animal by fleas because the flea can carry the tapeworm eggs onto the animal’s fur. So, when your pet starts itching and they bite at their fur to relieve the itch, they can ingest the tapeworm eggs in their fur and become infected with tapeworm.Dipylidium Caninum 

Fleas spread very easily and any sign of fleas must not be taken lightly. As soon as a flea infestation has started, you have to take immediate action to treat it. Making sure you choose the correct flea treatment appropriate for the stage in the flea life cycle

Where to look

Fleas can be distributed all over the body of your pet such as the lower back, base of tail, abdomen, flanks, and neck. However, if left untreated and in severe cases, the flea infestation has managed to spread all over the animal’s body it is better take them to the vet right away for proper examination.

Expect the worst

When you have multiple pets at home and you find one is infected with fleas, then you have to assume that the rest of your pets have fleas as well, that’s the time when you need to start treating all your pets and to start looking for ways to stop any further infestation. There are many home remedies, including spraying them with insecticide. The insecticide is able to penetrate your pet’s coat where fleas hide and are difficult to be seen. Once in contact with the insecticidal flea treatment, the fleas will die after several minutes. The flea treatment is not instantaneous.

Ascertain which stage of the flea life cycle you are having to deal with, flea treatment of adult fleas can be done pretty quickly, however it is much harder to treat developing fleas.

Methods For Controlling Flea Pupae

This is the most frustrating and difficult part of flea life cycle to control and is the reason why your need to understand that the dormant stage of the flea life cycle is so important from a pest management point of view. People assume that as soon as a home or lawn has been given flea treatment, they will not see any more fleas. Insecticidal flea treatment sprays kill adult fleas that are in contact with the spray. While insect growth regulators can only effect flea eggs and flea larvae, by preventing them from becoming adult fleas. Flea Stoppers kills flea eggs and flea larvae. None of the aforementioned kill fleas that are in their protected pupal casing. The pupal case or cocoon is water tight and therefore not effected by Insecticidal flea treatment sprays. This is probably the hardest part of the flea life cycle to deal with.

What does this mean

This means that the control of flea pupae has to involve removing them mechanically (cleaning, vacuuming) and encouraging them to hatch.

To do this your vacuum cleaner is your best friend and your most important tool for the control of the flea pupae stage of the flea life cycle in your home. During the development of fleas inside pupae, there are only three possible stages that occur on the inside of the pupae: a fully developed adult flea, a maturing flea and a larvae that has been deformed by the application of an insect growth regulator (IGR) that will not live. Once your home has been given flea treatment with a product that destroys the eggs and larvae, the next stage is for you to get rid of as many pupae as possible.

Using your vacuum cleaner on carpets, rugs, floors and furniture accomplishes two important jobs:

  • It picks up pupae that can be disposed of in a sealed garbage receptacle outdoors .

  •   Its vibration entices adult fleas to hatch and come into contact with areas treated with Insecticidal flea treatment spray.

They’re Trapped

Unlike adult fleas and flea larvae, the pupae do not have the ability to move to avoid being picked up by a vacuum cleaner. With possibly thousands of pupae laying around in your home, each one of them that you can remove mechanically represents an adult flea that you don’t have to put up with or kill. Removal of pupae will obviously reduce the numbers of hatching adult fleas.

To summarize the control methods for flea pupae:

  • Remember that mechanically removing flea pupae is great form of pest control.

  • Vacuuming thoroughly carpets, rugs and furniture on a regular basis.

  • Dispose of vacuum bags containing fleas into a sealed container, outdoors.

  • The vibrations of your vacuum cleaner will help remaining fleas hatch out of their casing and once they have hatched, the adult fleas will be exposed to your insecticidal flea treatment.

Therefore, you will have to continue treating your entire house with insecticidal flea treatment to completely get rid of any existing fleas remaining in your house, as well as preventing those developing ones from continuing to reproduce.

Applying flea treatment to your pet alone only works when you were able to detect flea infestation at its very early stage. When it has been widely spread, it is best your entire house undergoes complete flea treatment. Armed with these flea facts you should now know how to get rid of them completely.

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Fleas | Flea treatments for pets and home

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Best Cat Flea Treatment

Treatment for The Cat Flea

Cat Flea treatment

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Summer is here, so is the cat flea season. For many cat owners, this is a yearly event, so that they are very busy trying to get the best cat flea treatment for their cats, who hate these small animals. Owners not only need to get rid of fleas but need hard work and perseverance and an appropriate treatment. Cat flea product selection is very important and can determine success or failure of trying to eliminate fleas on your cat.There are many flea control products, cat owners can choose. Not all of these are the same, in order to select an appropriate cat flea treatment for their cats, it is pertinent to cat owners learn to master a variety of differentiated products with the necessary knowledge about cat flea treatment themselves, including Knowing which stage of the flea life cycle they need to be treating.

The cat flea can be such a nuisance. They bite their host and the development of many fleas can cause a cat flea allergy. This may be a mild form of the occasional itch and scratch to a more persistent itch and don’t stop scratching. The Itch, may even result in bald patches in serious cases with the continued pulling of the hair, the whole body may become inflamed.

Fleas also cause anemia in their blood absorption of the host, it may even lead to death if not treated in time.


Cat owners have various cat flea treatment products to choose from, which are extensive. We have flea comb, which have fine teeth to effectively  trap fleas. Then we have the cat flea spray which is a very popular cat flea treatment. Recently, we have more convenient packaging, and easy to apply spot in partial solutions. We even have pills known as flea growth regulators. With all these, cat owners should be able to choose an appropriate treatment for their cat?

Learn to read labels and know the active incredients in the product of all cat owners should know. Not all flea control products are the 1000 same. The difference is that they contain an effective flea life stage of some active ingredients. One is the kill adult fleas effectively find your cat is likely to be harmless flea eggs, if not eradicated will develop into the adult time. A combination of products may be needed to get completely rid of the cat fleas.

By: Tony Koay

Article Directory:

tony is a veterinarian for cat flea treatment and pet flea

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Beware Cheap Frontline Flea And Tick Products

Many counterfeits of frontline flea and tick products are appearing in the market. This article talks about the difference between the genuine Frontline Products and counterfeits frontline flea and tick medicine and how to avoid buying the bogus stuff.

“Cheap Frontline Flea and Tick Medicine Available”

“Best Price For Frontline Flea and Tick Control”.

“Cheapest Offer For Frontline Flea and Tick Killer”

These adverts could easily be found if you do a search for frontline flea and tick products. With it’s increasing popularity, they can easily be purchased anywhere, from your veterinarian, pet shops and conveniently online. With so many great offers, it’s no doubt that pet owners like to make a comparison on the prices and tendency is that they will go for a supply with the lowest price offered. However with the increasing number of counterfeits available in the market now, is it a wise choice to just simply go for one, base solely on price alone?

Many of these frontline flea and tick medicine counterfeits look very much like the genuine ones with regard to the packaging and it may be difficult to tell the difference if one is not familiar with the product at all. As such many unsuspecting buyers, especially first-time consumers are very likely to be caught unaware.

The Real Deal Frontline ProductsThese products are pesticides, and therefore, are very carefully regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Because they are systemic products, which travel through the blood stream of the treated cat or dog, it is extremely important to read the labels carefully, and to follow the directions completely; i.e., avoid “off-label” use.

One major problem with these counterfeits version of the pesticides is that the labeling may differ enough from the genuine products. The packaging may also omit certain important cautionary material, so that the wrong dosage may actually be used. Many of these bogus frontline flea and tick medication have been repackaged in countries outside the U.S. They are usually just relabeled to appear to be the genuine article, and then illegally imported back into the U.S. for sale to unsuspecting buyers. The main problem lies in the relabelling and often mislabelling and these may include one or more of the following:

  • The proper usage and warnings statements may not be stated on the label
  • The proper dosage and weight requirements of the pet may not be reflected on the label.
  • The label may have confusing instructions regarding the dosage and weight of the pet because it uses the metric system rather than conventional US measurements.
  • The label may not include the manufacturer i.e. Merial’s special toll-free number for customers to call with questions about FRONTLINE products and to seek help in occurrence of side effects.

All this may end up putting pets treated at high risk of under dose or overdose and the resulting side effects can be fatal. However, having said that, a monthly treatment using this product to get rid of fleas and ticks effectively can be a financial strain on pet owners and the urge to buy from cheap sources of supply will always remain attractive. As such, it’s important that you learn to recognize and differentiate the genuine ones from the counterfeits. You can find out more details about ” Frontline Flea And Tick Products – How to Avoid Counterfeits” in my website.

By Ann Wong
Published: 7/20/2007

It is not only pets counterfeit pharmaceutical products that you should beware of, as this Video shows. Although this Video only talks about the American market you can be sure that the problem is the same in most countries.

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I Saw A Flea On My Dog

At some stage of your pet’s lifespan every pet owner will have to deal with the problem of fleas, ticks and mites. If left untreated they can take over your pet’s skin and coat so it is really important to keep it under control. It’s best to stop the problem before it gets out of control. Rather treat your pet for a few fleas than treat the whole house for an infestation!

There are some misconceptions about fleas. It is not something that only happens to dirty animals! In fact it is probably more common in clean animals because fleas prefer a clean coat. Coming into contact with other animals also causes exposure to the problem and can start a flea problem in your home.


Male and Female Ticks

Fleas, mites and ticks are parasites with a short lifespan so they reproduce quickly. Female fleas can lay up to 25 eggs a day. So you can see just how quickly the problem can get out of hand! They tend to prefer warm conditions so summer and spring are the most troublesome times for pets and owners.

Checking for Fleas and TicksThe main thing is that you want to catch the problem early! This means brushing your dog often and inspecting their coat. Fleas, ticks and mites are tiny black, brown crawling creatures that can even look like dirt. It may help for you to examine the fur under their ears and arms/legs. Fleas like warm places. You can also see flea egg sacks and flea droppings in their fur if you look closely. If you still cannot see the fleas try using a Flea comb and combing your dog on a bright surface, something like a piece of paper should work well.

This is a problem that needs to be treated right away. Instead of heading for the pet store to buy expensive over-the-counter treatment, sprays or dips you should rather seek professional help right away. It will save you time. Your vet should have some pamphlets or handouts about flea control. Some vets even prescribe oral treatment if the problem is out severe.

If you choose to shop for the products yourself you will need to read the labels carefully to check that you are not inadvertently poisoning your pet! Never allow your pet to ingest any of the products you use; they are highly poisonous. It’s also important to protect their eyes from these harsh chemicals. There is a lot of disagreement about whether or not flea collars work. They tend to kill fleas in a localized area around the collar.

It is important to treat your home for fleas as well. Fleas can survive in almost anything in your home-furniture, rugs and bedding. Any flea treatment will be pointless if the flea’s eggs or fleas themselves remain in your living space.

To clean your home properly you will need to sanitize and clean the areas where the pet sleeps. Depending on the severity of the problem you may need to throw away blankets that have become infested with eggs. Often – just washing the affected bedding in hot water and some flea shampoo should do the trick. Rather safe than sorry though – if in doubt toss the bedding. Having to have your home fumigated will cost a lot more!

Fleas can become a nightmare for any pet owner. Rather stop the problem early – check your pet everyday for fleas and regularly use a preventative product approved by your vet.

by: Gary Allison

About The Author

Gary Allison is a third generation of professional dog breeders. It all started with his grandparents in 1970 with the Boston Terriers and has expanded to Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs, Shih Tzu’s and Pomeranians. He is also actively involved with dog rescue and has a website that showcases the puppies he occasionally has for sale at Gary is also the author of two consumer guides, and

This article was posted on April 18, 2006

Check out the itch spots

Fleas. No! They are not lice, nor ticks. Ctenocephalides felis…That’s how they were named. For our convenience, we call them fleas. …   Read more…

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Insect Bites And How To Treat

Insect Bites Identification and treatment.

Insect bites mostly look like little red bumps on your skin that are often itchy. They are the result of  the injection of traces of anti-coagulant saliva when an insect bites a host, this can mean either human or animals.

Various treatment are available.

The introduction of this foreign substance may trigger an allergic reaction, depending on the sensitivity of the person to that substance. This foreign substance can come from either a venomous or a non-venomous insect. A venomous insect bites or attacks the person as a defense mechanism, injecting toxic venom into the person’s skin to keep him away. Insects such as bees, hornets, and fire ants are classified as venomous insects. Non-venomous insects, on the other hand, feed themselves by injecting anti-coagulant saliva into your skin. These insects are mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, and some spiders.

Extra Strength Itch Relief

The most common effect when the skin gets irritated from an insect bite is itching. This can be treated with any Benadryl lotion. It helps lessen the swelling and eventually reduces irritation. Another effect is stinging, which can be remedied just by placing a cold wet towel on the affected area of the skin. Others may have a serious allergic reaction to an insect bite.

Treating Insect Bites
The treatment of an insect or bug bite can be crucial to your health. If you do not properly treat your insect bites then they could become a bigger issue then you ever imagined. Here are some great tips on  insect – flea bite treatment:
Pinpoint the location of the bite or sting.
If you have been stung, try your best to remove the stinger.
Use a warm wash rag with soap and water to lather the area and clean the wound.
Use a topical cream or ointment to apply on the irritated area.
Seek medical attention if the bite or sting seems to not get any better.
Understand how you got the bite or sting and pinpoint the type of insect that bit you.
Rest and relax. Do not panic.

First Aid
The signs and symptoms of insect bites and stings are as follows:
1.The stings of bees and the bites of mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and bedbugs usually cause only local irritation and pain in the region strung or bitten.
2.Moderate swelling and redness may occur; and some itching, burning, and pain may be present.
The first aid for insect bites and stings are as follows:
1.The sting area should be inspected to determine whether the stinger is still left in the body. If it is, remove it in order to prevent further injection of toxin. The stinger should be carefully scraped off the skin, rather than grasped with tweezers, so as not to squeeze toxin into the body.
2.Application of ice or ice water to the bite helps to slow absorption of toxin into the blood stream. A paste of baking soda and water can also be applied to the bite.
3.The victim should be observed for signs of any allergic reaction. For people who are allergic, maintain an open airway and get the victim to medical help as quickly as possible.

By: “Rich jammes”

Article Directory:

Treatment of Insect Bites

The treatment of insect bite depends on the insect and on individual reaction. The poison of some insects may cause itching for a day or two…   Read more…

Natural Remedies for Biting and Stinging Insects

Other insect bite/sting remedies include mustard, ammonia, tomato slices, potato slices, and fresh garlic pieces or minced. Brown recluse bites.  …   Read more…

How To Get Relief From Insect Bite Reactions

Some people can be bitten by mosquitoes or any other of these irritating insects, and barely notice. Others of us seem to suffer bizarre and extreme insect.   Read more…

Insect Bites and Stings and Spider Bites – Home Treatment – Home

Blood sucking insects, such as mosquitoes, inflict tiny puncture wounds when they bite, while the stings from bees and wasps contain venom. People vary in their.   Read more…

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How To Protect Your Pets From Fleas

Get Rid of Fleas and protect your pet

How to get rid of fleas

It is a vital, but difficult task, to get rid of fleas, that home owners must do if faced with an infestation. Fleas can be dangerous, causing many bites that can take up to two weeks to heal. As flea saliva contains a substance that can be an allergen to many people, getting an infestation under control quickly is needful to prevent reactions for those who are allergic.

In addition to this, flea bites can also transmit various diseases to those who are bitten. If you have symptoms of fever, or a bite persists for more than two weeks, you should go to a doctor immediately, as you may need special treatment. There are several tactics that you can use to get rid of fleas. With so many variances, the method you use to get rid of fleas is dependant on a few factors. First, you need to decide whether or not you are willing to use harmful chemicals to help you to get rid of fleas. Many of the aggressive processes used to get rid of fleas require deadly chemicals to quickly kill off the flea populations. Borax and flea foggers are common toxic regimes used to get rid of fleas.
If you want safer methods to get rid of fleas, you can expect to require more time to make the flea biting stop. You can use pet products like Advantage and Front Line to get rid of fleas. These turn your pets into flea killing machines. By perpetually using these products, you can expect results within two to three months.
get rid of fleas
Understanding how fleas breed is critical to be able to get rid of fleas. As a flea infestation is not officially over until the last eggs has died, you need to know when it is safe to halt treatment. As a rule, treatment should not cease until two and a half years after the last flea bite has occurred. This is due to the fact that a fleas eggs can last up to two years without hatching. Treatment with flea foggers and Borax soap may not kill the pupa within the eggs. As this is the case, you can treat a room and not kill all of the eggs.
Once you have halted the flea infestation and no bites are occurring, you need to make certain you continue to treat your pets with Front Line, Advantage or a similar product. This is due to the fact that your pet can help prevent hereafter infestations from occurring.
As fleas can travel indoors on humans and pets, you need to always keep a defensive attitude outlook to get rid of fleas.

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Fleas Treatment for Bites On Dogs Causing Scratching.

Spot was playing with next door’s dog in the yard. It was dinner time and Spot came in. Something wasn’t right.

Scratching Sound Familiar

She was scratching feverishly and could not stop through out the night. This scratching continues for couple of days more and it got worse. As well as scratching she started biting off patches of her fur, exposing raw inflamed skin throughout her body.

That’s right, Spot had brought home a tiny friend and this friend of hers is the cause of all her scratching  misery. I guess you all may already know her friends name. Yes, it’s “Fleas” and Spot is suffering from dog flea bites!

Other forms of Flea treatment :-

Holistic Flea treatment

National Pet Pharmacy

The Cause of The Irritation

Area's to look at for fleas on your petsWhen fleas bites, they excrete saliva which causes an allergic reaction and scratching, in some dogs leading to skin eruption characterized by a red-spot surrounded by a reddened halo. It’s accompanied with an itch causing increased scratching resulting in hair loss, crust and erosions of the skin and pimple-like bumps. In severe cases, the skin becomes thicken and darkened. Hot spots may develop which appear as red oozing sores causing immense pain to your pet.

Where to Look

Flea bites are most commonly found in areas like the lower back or tail and the inner thighs or abdomen areas.

Here are some simple home remedies for flea bites:

1.Bath your dog to keep it clean and prevent secondary infection. Always bath it with cold water and never use hot or warm water. Cold water will help in alleviating the inflammation as well as the itch while warm or hot water tend to stimulate the itch, leading to more scratching.

2.Use fresh aloe vera juice to apply to the inflamed skin. Aloe vera has a soothing effect and it also promotes wound healing.

3.Supplement its diet with fatty acid like flaxseed oil which has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Some More Suggestions by Dog Owners:

Dishwashing Liquid

    1. Dishwashing liquid is a good flea treatment remedy for dogs. Dishwashing liquid contains certain oils that kill any fleas hiding in the dog’s fur. It doesn’t dry the dog’s fur out, like some other flea shampoos.

Homemade Flea Spray

    1. A homemade flea treatment spray can be used to keep fleas at bay. This can be made using 60 mls of water, two drops of pure lavender oil [addvideo]and two drops of pure cedar wood oil. Put into a spray bottle, mix well and spray on the dog to keep fleas away after bathing using the homemade flea treatment shampoo.

Various Types of Flea Comb

    1. A flea comb is another effective home flea treatment remedy for eliminating fleas. It picks out the nits (flea larvae) before they hatch. For a selection of flea combs  look here.


    1. A natural flea treatment flea eliminator is lemon. Slice up a lemon. Pour boiling water over it. After letting it sit overnight, spray the water on the dog.

Neem Oil

  1. Neem oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the fruits and seeds of Neem (Azadirachta indica), an evergreen tree which is found in India and is also to be found in many other areas in the tropics.How the fruits and seeds are processed is likely to affect the composition of the oil, because the different methods used, such as cold pressing, or solvent extraction are unlikely to extract exactly the same mixture of components in exactly the same proportions.Neem oil is used in Ayurveda, which is a traditional form of medicine native to India and is practiced in the rest of the world as an alternative medicine. It’s traditional uses include the treatment of Acne, fever, malaria and leprosy. It also has use as an antiseptic, diuretic, contraceptive and insecticide.Neem oil is not used for cooking but, in India and Bangladesh, it is used cosmetic products (soap and hair products, body hygiene and hand creams) and in folklore traditional medicine, in the treatment of tetanus, urticaria, eczema, scrofula and erysipelas and of a wide range of other afflictions.Neem oil can be used as a flea treatment on pets in varying strengths, as a spray on insecticide or as a shampoo, depending on the severity of the flea infestation.To discover more about the many uses of neem oil go here to Discover Neem and it’s uses. 

In chronic cases, where the condition is bad and your dog is suffering from the constant intense itch, a visit to your vet may be necessary. Your vet may prescribe a steroid cream or a steroid jab and administer an anti-histamine to bring about a more rapid relief for your dog.

Flea treatment on your dogs flea bites alone is not a solution to your problem. You have to look at the root cause of the problem and in this case it’s the fleas. You have to get rid of all the fleas not only on your dog but also in your entire house including flea treatment for garden and yard. Only then would you succeed in preventing future flea bites on your dog.



Flea Allergies in Dogs

Most dog owners solve this problem by preventing the fleas from getting to their dogs through the use of topical solutions. …   Read more…

How Do I get Rid Of Fleas Reviews

Learn How to get rid of fleas at home naturally. Getting rid of fleas on carpets, cats and dogs…   Read more…

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Scratching Caused by Fleas Infestation.

Excessive Scratching Due to Infestation of Fleas.

Your cat is your best friend and plays in the house when it’s cold, when it’s not so cold plays outside and terrorizes the local wildlife, bringing home loads of unwanted friends.

The thing to watch for is more than normal grooming or scratching by your cat on her lower spine. The neck and lower spine are favourite places for fleas to hang out. A total give away is if you feel small bumps on your cat when you stroke her. If you do it’s probably skin irritation caused by the saliva of the flea when it bites and that is the reason for excessive scratching. It may also be a tick on your cat that will need to be removed. If you find that it is a tick, take your cat to the vet, don’t try and remove it yourself.

If your still not sure if your cat has cats fleas infestation or not, stand him / her on a large piece of white paper and run a flea comb through your cat’s hair and then check the paper. If you find small brown dots that turn red when wet then your cat has fleas. This is dried blood that the fleas excrete, a sure sign of flea infestation.



Luckily for us prevention and cure of infestations has been made easy for cat owners with modern medicine. Today most flea infestation prevention medications include a flea infestation cure too. The most popular flea medications like Advantage or Frontline  are topical medications. When used regularly they will not only kill the adult fleas on your cat, they will also protect her from re-infection. If scratching continues Consult your vet for the best treatment for your cat.

If your cat has been infected with cats fleas it’s a good idea to clean and vacuum the areas where your cat likes to sit and sleep. Wash all of the cat’s bedding in very hot water to kill any cats fleas and eggs.

Vacuum all of the carpets and curtains in the house, as we mentioned earlier fleas like to catch a ride on your clothes too. Finally if you’re really brave and your cat trusts you, give him /  her a bath. Good luck with that!!


Fleas can live anywhere from 2 months to 2 years. The eggs lay dormant just waiting for a warm body to pass by so that they can hatch. They are not too particular about what warm body it is, which includes you! It’s reasonably rare that you will be bitten though, fleas are species particular and will usually only bite by mistake.

You can find sprays that will kill and protect your carpets and curtains from fleas and ticks. In the main these are very effective. However if you do use a spray, make sure that you air the room afterwards, the vapors can be pretty toxic. Also make sure you spray the edges and seams of carpets as these areas are hard to vacuum and can be collection points for eggs.

Ideally you should talk to your vet to find out the best flea and tick control for your circumstances and your cat. There are various factors that determine what’s best such as the climate you live in, the time of year, your cat’s habits and activities and how she responds to the various available control methods.

Fleas and ticks are an annoyance and with some common sense and a good control regime they are a problem that can be easily managed and controlled.


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Flea and tick treatment for pets fall into that murky area in a lot of consumers’ minds: We know the chemicals are designed to ward off or kill bugs … but somehow we don’t associate the products with the term “pesticides.” … Read more..

How to Treat Pet Fleas Be very careful with all insecticides to be used on pets or around your home. Read directions carefully. Never apply a flea product to a cat or kitten unless it is labeled as safe for cats. Cats are very sensitive to insecticides. FRONTLINE Spot On is the market leading treatment for both cats and dogs that provides long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks, and controls biting lice. The active ingredient in FRONTLINE Spot On is fipronil, which is an adulticide … Read more..

Natural Treatments

I had a dog that was allergic to the flea bites themselves.Something to do with the fleas saliva or something.

Shop for your pet’s veterinary diet food and supplements at, including brands like Hill’s RX, Iams Vet, Royal Canin Vet, and Purina Vet.

Flea Control treatment for pets : Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits etc flea control treatment can be achieved in a number of ways, through natural flea. prevention or through pesticide methods….this document shares on that. Read more..

Herbal Remedies For Eczema – Herbal Cure For Eczema Neem is widely used in ayurvedic medicine. Neem extract applied to the skin keeps it healthy and free from infections. It also purifies the blood and acts as a detoxifier. Read more..

Ayurveda (the “science of life”)

The Hindu god of Ayurveda, Dhanvantari

Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine. Evolving throughout its history, Ayurveda remains an influential system of medicine in South Asia. Over the following centuries, Ayurvedic practitioners developed a number of medicinal preparations and surgical procedures for the treatment of various ailments and diseases.
In Western medicine, Ayurveda is classified as a system of complementary and alternative medicine that is used to complement, rather than replace, the treatment regimen and relationship that exists between a patient and their existing physician.


Ayurveda doctor with patient

                                                   Traditional IndianAyurvedic spa inGoa



The Toothbrush Tree>>>Neem

Neem oil is cold pressed from the neem tree, which grows in India. The medicinal properties of the neem tree have been well known to the people of India and Pakistan… Read more..

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Cats Flea Treatment

Flea treatment for Cats

Looking for a cats flea treatment for your cat? This article provides tips on how you can choose one from the wide range of cat flea remedies  that are suitable and effective for your cat.


Summer is here and so is the flea season. For many cat owners, it’s a time of the year that keep them very busy in trying to get rid of these pesky little creatures off their cats. Getting rid of fleas not only require hard work and perseverance, the choice of a right cat flea treatment product is also of great importance that can determine success or failure in your attempts to eradicate the cat fleas. There are many commercially available flea control products that cat owners can choose from. Not all these are the same and in order to choose one that is suitable for their cats, it’s pertinent that cat owners learn to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge in differentiating the various flea treatment products. This article is written with this in mind, providing tips to guide all cat owners in their hunt for a suitable and effective cat flea treatment product.

Cat ScratchingCat fleas can be such a nuisance. They bite on their host and many cats develop cat flea allergy. This can come in the form of a mild itch and occasional scratching to an intense itch and non-stop scratching. The itch and constant scratching will results in hair dropping and balding and in severe cases, inflammation throughout the body. Fleas also suck on their host blood causing anemia, which may even lead to death if left untreated.

What most cat owners find confusing when trying to choose a cat flea treatment product is the wide range of these products available. We have the flea combs , which are specially made with fine tooth to trapped fleas. Then we have the flea sprays that were very popular one time. Lately we have more conveniently packed and easy to apply spot-on topical solution. We even have growth regulator pills for the fleas. How then, among all these, should cat owners go about selecting one that is suitable for their cat?

Learning to read labels and knowing the active ingredients in the products is what all cat owners should know. Not all flea control products are the same. They all contain different active ingredients that are effective to a certain life stage of fleas. One that is effective in killing off adult fleas found on your cat may very well be harmless to the flea eggs that if not eradicated will develop into adult fleas in time to come. A combination of products may be needed in order to get rid of the cat fleas completely.

Calling Ann an expert in flea control is not an exaggeration. In upkeeping an animal shelter of 150 cats and dogs, she is constantly faced with the problem of fleas infestation. You will get to learn to choose the right cat flea treatment product, easily. How you should apply these products on your cat and how to look for adverse effects after use are all covered under the section on Flea Treatment For Pets in her website Flea Control.

By Ann Wong
Published: 6/12/2008


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